Changing the WordPress Admin Login Page URL


Installed WPS Hide Login Plugin to hide the WordPress login option and how? Please note the default URL of Admin login page on WordPress platform is ex: But have you ever thought to change the URL of the admin login page? Some people change the admin login page for security purposes. This is based on the anticipation of brute force attack by idle people or other bad actions. Or if you get bored with the WordPress login URL that’s it and that includes people who want to try new things like me here, you can try to replace it very easily.

To be able to change the URL of admin login page can be done less than 5 minutes. You just need to install WPS Hide Login plugin. The settings are also very easy. The steps are as follows.

How to Change WordPress Login Page URL

  1. Of course, you need to install and activate the WPS Hide Login plugin
  2. Then select Settings-General
  3. Next scroll to the bottom, you will find WPS Hide Login settings

  1. After replace the URL / wp-admin with a word or combination to your liking as in the picture, sorry my red block here.

(Please note or if you need to bookmark)

  1. Click Save.

Well, thus the login page URL has been successfully replaced. You can try to log in using the new URL. And if you log in with the old URL to that will appear not if as below.

after changing login page URL

If you want to restore the original just stay uninstall the plugin. Well, then a brief tutorial for Changing URL Admin Login Page on WordPress.

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Good luck and hopefully useful.


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