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To Creat your blog in Blogger is Good One. is a free blogging service that is easy to use. Although blogger service is easy to use, the name of newbies who are just learning to blog sometimes still feel difficult and complicated. Well for that reason there is nothing wrong if I make this blogger tutorial special for novice blogger.

My hope, the tutorials that I write below can be a little enlightening for budding bloggers who are just learning to blog on

Why choose

Before I go to the tutorial, maybe my friend wondered:

“Why use There are still other options.”

Indeed, in addition to actually there are many other blogging services that can be used, but most of Blogger prefer

Here are some reasons:

  • Because of the free of course
  • Easy to use, ideal for beginners
  • A fairly complete feature
  • Can be used to make money from blogs
  • Safe and Trusted because blogger is one of Google’s services
  • And others…

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Now go to the tutorial…

How to create a blog at

The first thing to do is, of course, create a blog at

For how to create a blog on is very easy.

What you need first is a Google account. I’m sure my friend already has a Google account.

If not, please create a Google account first.

If the Google account is ready, just follow the steps below:

Step 1. First login to using your own Google account.

Step 2. After login, you will be given two profile options you want to display. The first option is by displaying a Google+ profile, with both Blogger profiles limited.

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My recommendation is just to choose the first option by displaying your Google+ profile.

If you previously created a Google+ profile, you can go directly to step number 3, but if not, please click “ Create a Google+ profile ” and create a Google+ profile first.

Step 3. Click ” Continue to Blogger

Step 4. Click ” New blog ” to create a new blog

Step 5. Enter the blog title, blog address, and select a blog theme, then click ” Create blog ”


Step 6. A blog is finished, to view your blog just click the ” View blog ”


Understand the menus in blogger

After my friend managed to create a blog, then my friend needs to understand the menus available at These menus are very important to understand because it can facilitate my friend in taking care of your future blog.

The menus in blogger are located on the left on the dashboard.

Below is a full explanation of the menus:

List of Blogs Owned

In the top left of my friend can choose a list of blogs that my friend have if you create more than 1 blog.

The “New Post” button

To the right of the Blog, list menu is a button to create new posts or articles


Menu to display a list of all articles in your blog


Menu to display the statistics of your blog like number of visitors, number of page views, visitor sources, and so on.


Menu to display all the list of comments that go to your blog.

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This menu is special for buddies who want to promote your blog through Google AdWords.


Menu to create and display all static page list that is in your blog. A description of the static page is below.


Here is where you set the layout of your blog and also a place to install blog widget like widget of popular article, or widget followers.

Themes (formerly called Templates)

Here is a place to change the template or theme of your blog. In addition, my friend can also edit your blog template directly on this menu.


Your blog settings. If you want to change the blog title, change the address, or change the blog language then this menu is the place.


Please read the above guide thoroughly to get the good result. If you have any queries feel free to contact us or comment below. We hope the above article is very much helpful to you if you like this article the share with your friends. Please fill out the email subscription to our new articles direct to your email inbox, and follow us on social media to get instant post updates to you.

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