How to Add the Popular Posts Widget for Blogger


If your business or personal blog running through Blogger as a platform, and you’re planned to personalize it and make it with your own ideas. means This is a way to do it, you’ll make your blog pages are highlighted as unique and eye-catching from the other blogs on the internet. You’ll also get the attention of your target audiences, encourage them to browse more through your blog posts and make them become your daily readers and also your followers. by adding the popular post widget.

How Adding the Popular Posts Widget for Blogger

Step 1.

First to do that go to the Blogger website, after login to your Blogger Dashboard. then click the ” Theme” section refers to the Image below.

Step 2.

Click Back Up and restore button to back up your current blogger template before the changes you make. it is only for safety the purpose it is most recommended.

Step 3.

then click the “Layout” section refer to the Image below and find the sidebar section.

Step 4.

click the add gadget button and find the popular post widget and click the add button”+” to configure.

Step 5.

in this menu, you have the option to show most viewed all time popular posts of your blog. or, last 30 days popular posts of your blog or last 7 days popular posts of your blog and also to show post title. And image thumbnails, snippet, and display up to 1-10 posts. and after your selection click the save button to save it.

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Once you’ve completed this procedure, you’ll see the default version of Popular Posts Widget in your blogger blog. if You are not like the design, you can customize it with Your styles.

see some of the customized popular post widget designs in my posts.

if you have any doubts please watch this video for more help.


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