How To Change/Edit The Template on Blogger


For Edit your blogger site template to do that, go to template section go to and then click on the “Themes” tab. You will see the look of the Template page. There are many default blogger templates are listed on that themes page (see the image for your reference).

In that Page there are two options is available “Customize” and “Edit HTML” as you see in the above image. From here you can edit the template of your blogger site design. Those two options are given to optimize your blog with your idea. Also, another one important option is Back Up and Restore you can at the top of the right side.


If you created the blog the first time means, In order to change your blog’s template. then click on the Customize tab in the themes page tab. in that many options available such as templates, background, adjust widths, layout, advanced and so on. based on your template design ( see the image for your reference).

Click on the template to choose default blogger template available in the blogger site. after your choosing, any one template which was seen the live view of your webpage is seen below.

Background hear the option to change your font style, font color, and font size, also the background image or background color.

Widths tab is to adjust the width and position of widths like the related post labels recent post.

Layout tab is to be to change the size of the layouts.

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And Finally, click on the Apply button (located at the top right of the page) to save the changes to your blogger site. with the new edited template style, colors, and features. Click on Back to go back to the Blogger dashboard (located next to the Apply to Blog link).to leave without making any changes to your website.


The Edit HTML section is only for those who are comfortable with HTML (hypertext markup language). (If you are not a know how to edit with HTML) then skip this section. In order to change the design of your blog in HTML. click on the Edit HTML from the Layout tab (see image for your reference). Next, make your changes with your HTML code. And, click on the Preview button to Preview your changes. If any errors occur rectify and then preview again. If you don’t like the changes what you made, click on the Clear Edits button to remove the changes what you made in HTML.

Finally, if you like the changes, click on the Save Template button to saving your changes to your blog in HTML. If any errors occur rectify and then save until rectification the changes does not save.

Backup and restore

Backup and restore option to back up your current blogger site design. and also upload option is to upload the new designs in XML format to your blogger site. The XML formate templates are designed especially with high features to the blogger sites.

And also the preview of the desktop view was sown in teams section. and the mobile view is available with the default mobile blogger template. you have options to change the desktop view to mobile view if you using responsive blogger template is uploaded.

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