How to Create a free website on WordPress


In this article, we are going to see “creating a free blog on” without any cost. There are two WordPress sites they are another one is both are different, we will discuss the difference between both in another.

One post, you should know one important thing, which was you can create a free blog on and not in Now, I will guide you how to create your blog on without any of cost.

Let’s do the below steps to build a new WordPress blog.

First Step: landing the WordPress site

First of all initial step to go to WordPress site click here to go

Second Step: Sign in/Signup process

In order to get your free website, for that, you have to sign up at If you have your WordPress account then Click on the login button to log in your account or create your new account. Then, now the page is redirected to a signup page. Fill out the sign-up form.

After filling you are E-mail, Username, Password and Website Address. If all done, Click the Create button. After login then, click the Get Started button.

Third Step: Let’s create a site

In this step, you should name your site and then choose your blog category (technology, educational, travel blog or etc.) and also choose the primary goal of your site (whether you have to promote your product of sharing your ideas etc.).

Fourth Step: Let’s give your site an address

Here you have to choose your blog sits web address, they should be showing many premium names and free web address, The main thing you should know is your free website address you have chosen was suffixed (end) with the (e.g. and automatically your blog has been ended with

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Once you are all done with the above step, now, it moves to next step.

Fifth Step: Pick a plane that’s right for you

In WordPress Free, Personal, Premium, Business plans are available, select the free plan to create your free site. Done, now your Blog is created. Click on Continue to go to the WordPress dashboard. Your site has been created.

Sixth Step: Now Setup your WordPress site

Once you are all done with the above step, next it asks you to fill few details of your new blog like blog Title, blog tagline, and primary Language. Then go to Next Step after entering all those details of your site.

Next, you need to select a theme for your blog. There you see many themes are available. Select any one of free WordPress theme, and go to the next step. If are not find a likable team then you can see more free themes available at

Customize your website theme with your design if you don’t want to click Next Step.

Create your website contact page and create your first page and publish.

Finally, it’s time to visit the website how it looks.

Watch this video for more details


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