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After creating a blog, the next thing you need to do is start filling your blog with writing or posting articles. How to post articles on blogger itself can be spelled out very easy. Basically almost the same as writing an email.

If my friend is used to writing an email then to post articles on bloggers is not a difficult thing to learn.

But if my friend has never written an email then it means my friend was really clueless. But do not worry because it’s never too late to learn.

Here are the steps:

To Create Blog Post or Articles

Step 1. First, You must log in to ” Blogger

Step 2. If you are logged in, now click the ” New Post” button :

Step 3. Next, It will be directed to the article editor page in blogger. Check carefully the image below with the explanation:


about to Create Blog Post or Articles in above image is below.

  1. Article title
  2. The contents of the article
  3. Menus to change the color of writing, font size, upload pictures, and videos, etc.
  4. Post format. Just choose to Compose for beginners
  5. Post label.
  6. Date of the article written
  7. Permanent link.
  8. Location buddy when writing articles. not required
  9. Some other options to choose from
  10. Button to publish your article
  11. Button to save the article to Draft
  12. Preview post before publishing

Step 3. After that, understands the menus that exist in the article editor in blogger, after that just write what wrote a friend wrote.

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Step 5. Click the ” Publish ” button if the article is finished.

Step 6. Now your posts are online and can be read by many people:

Well it turns out writing articles on blogger is very easy is not it?


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