How To Easily Increase WordPress Score in GTMetrix


Ever tried to check your website on GTMetrix? How is the result? FYI ya, GTMetrix is a website that provides information about website loading speed, yslow, dll. In addition, GTMetrix also provides solutions to improve the performance of our website.

In this case, GTMetrix gives A for the best scores and F for the worst. Well if you get a score that is not good, do not worry, here I will share tips for your website got A score, or at least your website can be loaded faster than usual. Given the website load speed is an important point that needs to be improved so that visitors do not feel disturbed.

How to Increase GTMetrix Score

These tips do not come from blogs next to or from WordPress forums out there, but some experiments that I have done myself. For the results, you can see the GTmetrix score of this website through the picture above. Until this article was derived GTMetrix score from website is A for PageSpeed Score and B for YSlow Score. Here are some things you can try to improve your GTMetrix score.

1. Selection of Plugins

Using too many plugins can burden the performance of a website. Also, too many plugins will also make the hosting resource quickly reach the limit. If allowed to continue this can cause our hosting account suspended.

The plugins I currently use at the same time that I recommend to improve WordPress performance and speed are TagDiv Speed Booster Plugins (this is the default theme), WP Minify Fix (this one for minify JS, CSS, HTML), WP Smush (this one for compress image size jpg, png, etc.), WP Super Cache (this one for caching).

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2. Use of CDN

CDN itself is a set of servers scattered around the world that serves to provide faster access through the server closest than by accessing content from the main server. CDN that I use there CDN from Cloudflare with a free plan. Of course, you can also get the CDN feature of this Cloudflare for free. To link the website with a full Cloudflare account tutorial you can see here.

Besides using CDN from Cloudflare also gives its users free SSL (HTTPS) feature.

3. Hosting Selection

I do not quite understand the hosting problem, but maybe this is a bit influential. WordPress that I built it using shared Linux cloud hosting from Exabytes by bringing SAS storage features that claimed faster than regular hard disk, plus built-in caching feature that is on the hosting and various other features that you can find on the following page. Thanks to this feature alone staying “has the ability to improve the performance and speed of loading a website, especially WordPress.

Well, So How To Easily Increase Score WordPress in GTMetrix. If you have any other suggestions please comment below.

Good luck and hopefully useful.


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