How To Get WP-Smush Pro For Free – Absolutely No Cost


WP Smush Pro (WP Smush – Image Optimization) also known as WP Smushit can be used to increase WordPress speed and can also be used to improve ranking in all searches like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex and more. This plugin automatically resizes images and optimizes them with a smusher image 100% free. The faster your WP site, the more likely it is that search engines will like your site.

WP Smush Pro is an excellent plugin for WordPress with content category wallpaper or related to Images because WP Smush is developed to optimize web loading speed by compressing images. By using this one plugin your site will feel lighter even though many use the contents images with high quality. Because Wp smush pro plugin will have image compression technology without reducing the quality of the image.

WP Smush feature

1. Bulk Smush your entire media library
2. Scale your images on upload
3. Smush images up to 32MB
4. Super-Smush lossy compression
5. Convert PNG to lossy JPEG
6. Preserve EXIF data

Then how to make WP Smush Pro become activate forever without having to spend a dime. Here’s the tutorial:

1. Install the latest version of WP Smush plugin.
2. Install WP Smush on Website
3. Now go to the WP Smush plugin installation folder
4. Then locate the “lib” folder
5. After that open the file named class-wp-smush.php to edit
6. Now find “if (empty ($ api_key)) ”
7. This function is still false, you just change it to true like the screen below

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8. Done

Good luck and hopefully useful.


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