How to Write Attracting Post With SEO Content


On this occasion let’s discuss how to create post SEO content and interesting for readers, content or post is the life of the blog so we can attract traffic just by relying on post and content that we make.

Are you just starting out in creating a blog/web or have a long time to have a blog? Have you ever thought about SEO? If you are a beginner then it would be very good if you start to learn about SEO, for those of you who have long been blogging and not yet understand SEO, immediately learn to be able to compete with other bloggers.

For me, SEO in post or content is a combination between paying attention to the quality to the readers and also the google robot. Keep in mind that Google uses the behavior of blog readers in determining the position of SERP, ranging from bounce rate to long visits.

If you are still in web development, it would be nice if you start to pay attention to the structure of SEO website, visit the article.

If you’ve been creating content that is really readable and really devoted to the reader then you’ve also done almost half of the SEO optimization for Google robots, but remember that is not enough we also have to apply some additional optimization. In the tutorial on how to create content or post SEO this, we will discuss in full how to make our content other than good to read also occupy a good SERP position.

How to Make Post SEO Content Interesting to Readers

First at the time of making a post, do not think about SEO first, SEO optimization is done lately enough focus on the following points.

Understand the Needs of Readers or Target Readers

When you start creating content, organize your content according to the title you created, if we understand that readers who will read will understand a certain way, then make the tutorial as clear as possible and to complete. Do not get your tutorial still hanging, if it is not enough discussed in a single post, then make a series of glow.

Make the most concise and clear, do not be wordy. Long Post is good, but if it’s just muter-muter ya even so not good right ?! Most readers are scanner types so if the content of our blog is not clear, then the reader will come out immediately.

Choose a Trending Topic and Make an Interesting Title

If you really have a loyal reader, then this way can add your loyal readers. For those who do not have then must immediately do this way. Notice the direction of your web topic, deliberately made for the public (Gado-Gado) or indeed special like this blog. If the general (Gado-Gado) it will be very much a choice, otherwise if it is special then needed research.

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To do a topic research where the most sought after, we can start with the web competitors, pay attention to their posts and search for a popular post. For beginners like me, it is recommended that not first directly use the expensive keyword tool, but do manual research as often visit the famous web competitors.

Remember, we just take the main idea and not copy paste, create an article that discusses the same thing but with different content. For how to create an interesting title, while you can search on google first, on future occasions will be discussed in this blog.

Write a Good Opening

Make a good first impression, do not seem joking or rambling. Do not let readers feel annoyed with our first article. If this happens, then the readers will simply come out and leave our website without looking at the content of the continuity.

In the opening notes do not greet the readers with excessive or even worse is to discuss the previous post in excess, make the opening of why this post is made, what the purpose and why should be known.

Tips from me are often read then our creativity in writing will be honed properly, if we are lazy to read it will be difficult in searching for references and inspiration.

Arrange the Post Neatly

Prepare the concept first, set the opening content and cover. Prepare pictures and videos to support your articles. For example, consider the article on how to create this SEO article, you will find a clear divide where SEO optimization sessions for readers and SEO optimization sessions for Google robots.

Each session is subdivided with several points to help the reader understand more details. By creating a detailed and structured article or tutorial, it will help us to optimize for Google robots as well. For example with a subtitle that has been created, we can insert our keywords.

Easily we can learn from newspapers or newspapers, pay attention to making the title to the subtitle, see how the article looks to be neat.

In short, make your long article into sections so that it will produce a subtitle. But also note that do not be too pushy in making subtitles, this is for the convenience of the reader and away from the impression of cramming the keyword.

Immediately Write

Yep, right! Immediately action and do not be delayed, immediately write what you have planned and so you do not lose the main idea or concept that you just created.

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If necessary add some references to reinforce the articles or tutorials you create. Perform improvisation of the concept created, but still understand the limits that have been set.

Make Corrections

Make corrections to the content you have created, if necessary ask friends for help to judge whether your writing is readable or whether something needs to be changed or added.

If not a helpful friend, we can make corrections ourselves, note the following:

a. Picture

Pay attention to the image used, do not violate the copyright. Remember by spreading our articles through social media, then the picture will be seen first.

b. View

Already in accordance with the concept created earlier? Are there any unnecessary points? And has the subtitle been made already appropriate? And lastly, check if anything is missed.

c. Tags and Categories

Check which categories and tags are appropriate? And do you still need additional tags? by using this feature we can help the reader about what category is being read.

Make the Last Actions

At the end of your content or article, create what kind of readers should do after reading your article. For example, ask the readers to become your web customers. This will be a win-win solution which will also benefit you.

Noteworthy is not to make the action that troubles the readers. For example, if your article about download then does not be charged with passwords that are placed separately. Remember, do not we want loyal readers?

How to Create Post SEO Content that Google likes

Before I start how to create content or post SEO that Google likes, please note that there are two optimization SEO ON-Page optimization and OFF-page, in this section we only discuss ON-Page then you will not find how to add backlinks to post, because backlinks are part OFF-Page.

If you are using WordPress, it will be very fast in the affairs of ON-Page optimization if using SEO plugin By Yoast, for download link plugin can be downloaded in WordPress SEO. For those who use Blogspot, you can still follow the following tips tricks.

Content Is King

It’s true that content is king, so keep the content original and not copy and paste. Google has a sophisticated algorithm, so even if we have spun the article, then we will remain caught, we know if Google already penalty our web, it will be very difficult out of the sandbox.

By always creating original articles, we also train our ability to write and analyze our writing. Building trust with readers is also very important.

Keyword Optimization

Okay, let’s optimize our post with the keyword we want. First place the keyword at the beginning of the paragraph, this is important because the beginning of the paragraph we create we make also as a meta description.

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Insert in a title, subtitle H2, H3 and also on alt image. Do not forget to include alt image, this is very important for us as search optimization in an image.

Lastly, insert it at the end of our writing. Note the number of keywords that have been optimized, do not get too crowded. Back to the previous explanation, keep the readers comfortable and uninterrupted with the optimization we are doing.

Add pictures and videos

If possible, add videos or images to our articles. In addition, to support the article, this is more value in the eyes of Google as a complete and useful article.

Use Tags and Categories

Do not waste tag and category features, use it wisely and do not use categories and tags into keywords excessively, google algorithm will read your web as spam if you are not careful with this feature. Remember, keywords are more powerful if we include in the article, especially in places that have been described above.

Create Internal Link and External Link

Create an internal link that connects to our other articles, the function of this way is to make the reader deeper into our web browsing, so the bounce rate and visit times contribute a high score.

In addition, Google will view our web as a complete web, because it has support for the articles that we create.

Meta Description

Make our meta description interesting, we can make it by copying the first paragraph, remember the copied paragraph should also contain the keywords that we aim at.

Mobile Optimization

Test to display your post has been mobile friendly, now it’s a lot of mobile users. Although this step is not too mandatory, the future will inconvenience you if you will lose the reader of the mobile.

Begin to change your template to be mobile friendly, many free templates are scattered on the internet.

Use Google Products

Begin to use the product from Google, post your article briefly on google plus, and do not forget to register your web to google webmaster tool. In order to enjoy Google products, you are required to have a google account by simply registering with how to create an email on Google. To create an account, visit the “How to Make Emails in Google” tutorial.

It turns out to be exhausting and long to pay attention to in making a post, but what we have done will bring the equivalent benefits. Enough up here tutorial How to Write Attracting Post With SEO Content, hopefully, can add quality post or content that you will make.


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