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One of the greatest income sources of a blogger or internet marketer is from following an affiliate program, as this is an easy way for you to make money online. By following the affiliate program you do not have to bother in making your own product but you only play a role to help sell products that have been made by others and you will get a commission from the proceeds you have done sales.

But the biggest problem of being an affiliate marketer is competition with other marketers or bloggers who also run the same affiliate program. You have to fight hard to get a top spot in search engine results. In addition to implementing the right SEO practices for your website, you also need to have sophisticated tools to help you handle all the affiliate programs you follow to increase your affiliate earnings. And here I suggest you to use WordPress cloaker plugin named Shorty WP.

In this article, I will cover the full WordPress Shorty WP plugin, and explain the amazing features offered by the Shorty WP plugin so you can increase affiliate sales.

Shorty WP Cloaker WordPress

What is Shorty WP?

This is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for affiliate merchants to help increase affiliate sales. This plugin meets all the necessary requirements to run affiliate marketing such as link cloaking, tracking, post back URL, conversion optimization, monitoring and complete reporting system.

In addition, Shorty WP is also integrated with various affiliate networks such as click bank, pepper jam, commission junction and many more. And with this WP shorty you can also connect it with campaigns you run on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and AdRoll etc. and can take advantage of the same features.

Currently, Shorty WP is already used by thousands of affiliate marketers around the world and they claim this tool can increase affiliate sales up to 705%. And all the affiliate programs that you run can be controlled directly in one of your WordPress dashboard.

Price Shorty WP


It is a paid plugin with a very cheap price considering this plugin will work for you in increasing sales multiples. Shorty WP is offered with 3 different price packages as follows:

Shorty Standard: $ 17 for 1 installation license

Shorty Pro: $ 47 for 10 installation license

Shorty Agency: $ 67 for an unlimited installation license

Buy Shorty WP

The above price is a one-time price where you can use the shorty wp plugin for good, and you can pay an annual license if you really need the latest version of the shorty wp plugin. In addition, you will get full help from shorty wp team either via email, chat or skype to get quick help. And you get a money back guarantee for 30 days, if you feel dissatisfied then they will refund you 100% without commitment.

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This plugin also has a lite or free version that you can try first before upgrading to Pro version. You can download the shorty wp lite plugin directly from the WordPress plugin directory here, Shorty WP Lite.

And why do you need to buy this plugin? Please refer to this article to complete.

Featured Features Shorty WP

Here are some cool features that Shorty WP brings, and this is why you need to buy a premium version of the plugin.

Shorten, Cloak & Track Links

Most affiliate programs usually generate unique URLs that tend to be long and hard to read, and most of your visitors know that it is an affiliate link so they are reluctant to click on affiliate links you post. But with Shorty WP, you can change those bad looking affiliate links with nicer, shorter and easier-to-read links with your own domain name. This way it’s proven that your visitors tend to be 7x to click on links that look clean and natural. This is one of the tricks to increase your sales.

Affiliate Sub ID Tracking

The Shorty WP features a SubID Tracking feature where this feature will help you add unique sub ids to all your affiliate sales URLs and can also track commissions from affiliate programs you follow. This feature supports various popular affiliate networks like Shareasale, ClickBank and many more. And this feature works on platforms like HasOffers or iDevAffiliate. If you use an outside affiliate program, you just have to make sure that their platform supports “tid” or “sub ID” tracking. This means you can track everything right from your WordPress dashboard, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Custom Geo-IP Redirect

It has a Custom Geo-IP Redirect feature where you can manage visitors from certain countries to navigate to a specific site location according to the site page according to their country. Because there are several affiliate programs that provide different affiliate URLs for different countries and this supports redirects for multiple countries at once. This feature helps you in increasing your sales, ROI, and CTR.

Turn Blog Keyword into Link

This feature is a very nice feature of Shorty WP Cloaker where the plugin will automatically insert affiliate links into keywords. And all links will be included in all your articles both old and new articles as long as there are keywords that match your target for affiliates and will also be displayed in various areas such as homepage, single page, single post, comments, and archive. This way you can generate more sales than all the articles.

Click Limit & Link Expirations

This has the feature to set the click limit on a specific URL or site and also you can set the expiration schedule of your affiliate link. Of course, this feature will be useful for you when running affiliate programs such as promo that is limited time so that you do not have to remember when you should turn off the link.

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Alert Monitoring & Downtime

It can monitor each of your affiliate links whether working properly or not. If the affiliate link shows the downed site or invalid link then shorty wp will automatically send a warning email to you. This feature is very valuable to you because with this notice you can take immediate action and greatly reduce the risk of loss of revenue due to links that do not work.

Retargeting & Remarketing for Any Site

This Plugin gives you the ability to install re-targeting code of all marketing campaigns from successful affiliate links that you do from various services like Facebook pixel, Google AdWords, addrolls etc. to track visitors who click on your links. This way you can do marketing campaigns that will bring huge profits to your sales.

Instant Postback URL Builder

It can generate Postback URLs that you can use with CPA networks and affiliate networks that allow Postback tracking to automatically record affiliate conversions. So with this feature, you can directly monitor the performance of your affiliate links directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Import Affiliate Commission

This has the feature to import revenue commission revenue from your favorite affiliate networks in the form of CSV files directly from your dashboard as well as conversion and traffic reports. And this feature works on most popular affiliate network programs so you do not have to import reports one by one from the network you follow.

See Conversion Timeline

It can display a timeline report that lets you see your visitors’ impressions complete with a Google map, it can also track sales from the first click through to the last purchase at the same time indicating the tracking of the sales, lead, or affiliate commissions you generate.

User Access Level

Shorty WP lets you work on a team to view reports or even add or edit configurations on your wy shorty. You can set different levels of access for teams with users according to their level. So, do not have to log in as administrator to do this job.

Full Report

This has an advanced reporting system that can all be displayed right on your dashboard. And it also keeps track of all your affiliate promotions from all sources. You will not feel confused with the shorty wp reporting system. This tool will really work for you and it will save you a lot of your time.

How to Use WP Shorty

In this section I will explain a little about how to install and explain some main menu of Shorty WP plugin cloaker for WordPress, for step-by-step guide of using this Shorty WP, you can directly see the tutorial page on Shorty WP site directly already explained in full and accompanied by a clear video here, Shorty WP Tutorials.

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To get started, please buy Shorty WP first from the Shorty WP site to get the plugin and license files.

After that, please to install and activate your plugin will see there is a new menu named “Shorty” on your WordPress sidebar dashboard.


To use this plugin you are required to enter the license key in the “Help” menu in the License key field and click the “Activated Your License Key” button. In this section, you can also backup and reset from any configuration you do on the shorty plugin.


In the “Settings” menu you can fill out the tracking of domains with words (go or recommended or in other words as you see fit) and can also enable Custom domains if you have them.

There is also a time setting for warning in case of downtime, setting goals and currency, Access and Permissions, Cookies, Automatic Keyword Links, and Viral Bar. If the settings you have done, please click the “Save Settings”.



Next switch to the “Tracker” menu, in this section you can add your affiliate link to the cloaking. And many settings that you can activate such as Cloaking, Split Testing, Affiliate Tracking, Retargeting and much more.


On the “Tools” menu you can set the Postback URL for sales tracking automation and leads.


On the “Conversion” menu you can manually add conversions or upload conversion reports in Microsoft Excel CSV or TXT from third-party sites and affiliate networks.


Happiness is the “Reports” menu, here you will see all the reports of your affiliate link performance, the number of visits, visitor tools, campaigns, visitor numbers, country, cost, CPA, CPC, Profit and more. The report is beautifully presented with graphics as well as advanced filter features. You can also download reports in the form of CVS files.


This is an advanced tool that can help you handle all the affiliate programs you run right from your WordPress dashboard, it’s a tool that will save you time, help you succeed in your marketing campaigns and solutions to increase affiliate income up to 705%. Shorty WP you can have a very cheap price and this must be owned by every successful affiliate marketer.

Click Here To Try Shorty

And that’s a full review of Shorty WP Cloacker for WordPress, hopefully, this article useful for you and good luck trying Shorty WP.


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