List of Free SSL (HTTPS) Providers


Installing SSL Certificates on the website is proven to be effective in minimizing the occurrence of hacker attacks that want to steal data because by installing this SSL Certificate your website becomes more secure and any information sent through the browser to the server has been encrypted so the information is not easy to read.

There are many ways to improve website security and this is important to do so that your website can be protected from irresponsible attacks that will harm you. Especially if your website serves as a tool to run business-related clients either e-commerce, online payment for goods and services or other types of online business.

The security and privacy of visitor connections to the server is now starting to get one’s attention by using encryption. To enable this encryption generally requires SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) which for some types cannot reach millions to tens of millions per year like Wildcard SSL or EV SSL Certificate. But if for personal use and you want a little trouble there are some alternative solutions that can be tried.

Depending on the purpose for which SSL certificate you can choose the most appropriate and most important is free:

CloudFlare Universal SSL:

This is the easiest solution for website owners to pair HTTPS connections. Just register your domain name and activate the SSL feature then it can be accessed. But do not forget to redirect visitors from the HTTP version to HTTPS, and replace the URL that still leads to its old address.

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Let’s Encrypt:

It is the name of the new Certificate Authority and wants to provide free SSL certificates to everyone without limitation. But how to make it based on the beta version is not the same as the others. We have to install the program package to the server and it will be automatically configured. The validity period itself is 3 months and the renewal will be automatic.

Get HTTPS for free:

The use of Let’s Encrypt for now cannot be said to be easy, it still has to tweak the VPS configuration by installing the application package and auto-renewal settings. Well … you can use Get HTTPS for free to get SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt faster and easier.

SSL For Free:

Using Let’s Encrypt as the CA. Just fill in the domain name and validation via DNS record. (My website uses this)

For you who still lay about a website, I recommend trying to use Cloudflare. Besides free of charge, Cloudflare also provides some features like CDN and anti-DDOS. Of course with an easy installation process. For the Cloudflare SSL installation process, you can find it at the following link.

Thus the list of free SSL certificate providers. Hopefully, in the future, I will update, if there is a correction or new information can be written in the comments column. Good luck and hopefully useful.


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